Why Coaching?

The simplest definition of the word “Coach” is to teach or to train (per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary). This word resonates with people in a number of different ways, but for me, it’s simple - when I hear the word coach, I think of my basketball coach, or more notably, former Chicago Bulls Head Coach, Phil Jackson. 

Phil had a major impact on the lives of each and every team member of the Chicago Bulls during his tenure, and I’d bet that if you ask them, they’d say he guided them on and off the court, in both basketball and life. 

Coaching isn’t just reserved for sports. A good coach can have a profound and powerful impact on your day to day life too.

Imagine you are playing a game - the game of life. 

 You are the captain, playing day in and day out. Your coach is on the sidelines observing, listening and taking notes. And your coach is doing so all with a different perspective than you. You are in the game, totally focused on the task at hand. This makes it challenging for you to see obstacles and in particular, your weaknesses. Instead, it’s the job of your coach to see your blindspots and support you in growing and developing beyond them to achieve your goals. 

This is my coach approach. I use the same style of coaching you’d expect from any professional sports coach, but applied to your life. And my goal is the same too. It’s to support you in growing and developing beyond your blindspots to achieve your goals, and even more restore your lost dream.

As the player in your life, you are so involved in the game, that it can be difficult for you to see the right next step - all you have is win or lose. When emotions arise: fear, anger, sadness, or happiness, joy, they cause a loss of focus. You forget how you want to play, and why. Not to mention your opponent, coming at you full-force in their own pursuits. In life, your opponent could show up as a break-up, lost job, collapsed business or empty bank account. It can take on many forms and can come out of left field as a total curveball. How do you react? How are you navigating your next steps? Are you moving forward, or feeling blocked?

As your coach, you can expect that I’ll be by your side, observing, listening and taking notes. Together, we’ll explore who you really are, identify patterns, connect with the lesson and take the next step forward. We’ll forge the path towards your dreams, and celebrate in your achievements as we go. 

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