Private Coaching

Have you ever noticed that the simple, daily challenges are the ones that test you the most? The ones that spark triggers and set you off course? They leave you asking yourself, "what went wrong?"

That daunting question often leads to a rabbithole that pushes you to take a look at your life. You might notice you’ve been going through the motions that society dictated to you - the career, the car, the partner, the house...the list goes on. You might lean on your tragedies, the failed business venture or that painful break-up. 

You’ve been switched on autopilot. You’ve been “doing”, versus really, truly living the life you desire. You’ve been so focused on the “shoulds” that you are left with a lot of “what if’s”. 

At some point, you accepted things, you stopped conversing and sharing with others and you likely can’t see a clear next step in the direction you’d like your life to go. 

You are here, on my website, because you are looking for support with your next step - the pivot that will set you on a new path. You are in the right place. 

This moment you are experiencing will pass, the question is, do you want to start driving, or put things back on cruise control?

The life you desire begins the moment you commit to it. Start by committing to conversations with me.

I’m here to support you on this trek, and our ultimate destination is you living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I’ll help you shift your awareness from what you think life “should” be to what life really is - and life is incredible. Together, we’ll identify challenges and recurring patterns, uncover hidden lessons, create space for a new approach, restore your lost dreams and set you on the path to achieving them. 

It won’t be an easy one, but I promise it will be worth it. 

Is coaching right for me?

If you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, an employee, a mechanic or a surf instructor, or anyone that dreams of what seems impossible. I am here to support you.

I am here to ask the big (and tough) questions like “What would you like to create in your life?”, “Where do you feel stuck or blocked?”, “What is it that keeps you up at night?” or “What is the thing that is driving you crazy every single day?”

Through powerful questions and conversations, we’ll clear a new path for you. It is crucial to understand and gain the wisdom that will propel you forward. In other words “understand before being understood”, knowledge comes before achievement. 

It takes curiosity and courage to tackle this type of work and shift your awareness from what you think life should be, to what life really is - and life is incredible. By doing this you will find a way through the challenges and the triggers. A new path will emerge where it seemed there was no way through before. There is always a way through - sometimes you just need support to see it.

Let’s start the conversation...

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