My Story

My personal story, from the beginning 

I was born and raised in a small town near the Mediterranean seaside in Italy. From a very young age, I had a deep interest in real and powerful leadership - I was hungry for it, always looking for my modern day guide. But my life had a different plan for me. Much of my childhood was a blur and like many, it was filled with the pain and sadness that comes from divorce. Moving houses, sleeping on cold floors, skipping school and wondering what I’d eat, or if I’d escape the disciplinary wooden spoon.

My teenage years were rebellious. We chased girls and rode our motorbikes through the countryside. I played in a band and school was a bust. I didn’t have any particular hopes or dreams for my life. 

When I was eighteen, I moved to London. I didn’t speak English, but landed a dishwashing job. I’d later learn how much of a gift that job was - I learned English, adaptability and the power of hard work. It wasn’t long before I was promoted and in the blink of an eye I was managing night clubs. I didn’t sleep for the next few years. I was buried in the cycle of work-party-drugs. This went on for a few years, until…

In 2012, I got that dreaded call home. I lost the person that guided me to be the man I am today, and the closest thing I had to a guide - my mother. She loved me, guided me, and sometimes dragged me through positive experiences and life lessons, as well as enormously painful and traumatic events.

I was 25 years old, heart broken and tired. I was standing in the church at my mothers funeral staring at a ray of sunshine coming through a small window, high up near the ceiling. It was in this, the saddest moment of my life, that I found myself exclaiming, “after all, life is beautiful”.

I was in deep pain, but I felt alive, like never before. 

In those words, the essence of my mum’s life was honoured. At that moment, I became a man. I felt a transformation. I started to question everything. I started the deepest most meaningful journey of my life - the exploration of myself. Personal knowledge and self-improvement became my vice.

I went back to London, a changed man. The work-party-drugs cycle remained, but with a new lense. I started using drugs as a way to explore myself and ask big questions. My actions were reminiscent of Ram Dass, but I wasn’t mature enough to really see that. Slowly, I started to realize (although not fully), that I was looking outside of myself for the answers. I needed a new way to explore myself. 

I decided it was time to leave the city. I crafted an adventure that involved travelling from Russia to Indonesia without flying. I wanted to know the meaning of living life out of a backpack.  I wanted to learn what it meant to be free and nomadic. I thought that hitchhiking was the best way to meet people and see if the world was as dangerous as people often said it was. So that’s what I did, and some of my greatest life lessons come from those time in my life. I could hear Jack Kerouac whisper “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars”, and off I went.

It was a year full of life that ended in Australia. I settled down (a bit) bouncing between cities for a while, trying to find my place. It was long before I realized that there was still something missing. I kept searching. I worked with a kinesiologist and I got to know a shaman. I experimented with natural medicine and once again, no answers. But the silver lining was in the small perspective shifts, the insights that unlocked the next step for me. At some point during the natural medicine purge, I understood it was time to move. I landed on the coast in Byron Bay. Ultimately, it was the move that led to the break-up with my then partner. This opened up space in my life.

I began the next chapter with a positive and open-minded Canadian girl. A partner that showed me possibilities and a whole new word. After months of romance, surf and sunshine, we packed our bags and I found myself on the road once again. We traveled from Toronto to Costa Rica in our prized 94 Ford Bronco - it was the trip of a lifetime. 

With empty bank accounts and no plan, we landed in BC, due north for the mountains. 

It was here, that things really began to shift. I expanded my knowledge and practice of meditation, I found breathwork and I dove into spiritual teachings of all kinds. It was in the mountains that I met my life teacher and coach, my modern day guide. Erin Anderson from Live Big Co. exposed me to truly meaningful self-work. It is because of her that I’ve connected with my true calling: restoring the lost dream.

To pursue my calling, I understood that I had to unpack the boxes and the bags in my mind, the stories I created that were preventing me from moving forward. I had to pass through the resistance and expose the traumas so I could let go. It was big work, but it was totally worth it - as Erin would say.

I now see the beauty in the present moment. I've travelled extensively and experienced many things, always searching for the answers, only to find out that it was inside of me all along. The ”answers” are always within.

My work, my teachers and my experiences landed me here. I restored my lost dream of being a role model for anyone passing by my side. I’m here for you, I’m your modern day guide and I’m ready to lead you through your journey. 

As Nietzsche said:

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” 

So, I say unto you: Do you still have chaos in you?

It’s time to generate your star.