Ciao, I'm Enrico

Nice to meet you! I am a coach, spiritual teacher, hospitality expert and entrepreneur.

Naturally nomadic and constantly searching for surf, I am no stranger to adventure and embracing the unknown. 

I grew up in a small town near the Mediterranean seaside in Italy. After transplanting in London, Australia and Central America, I landed in Canada’s Pacific Northwest where I live with my fiancé, our rescued Mexican mutt and where I regularly brave the frigid ocean water for good waves. 

My mission is to guide people to identify challenges and recurring patterns in their lives and to uncover the hidden lessons underneath them. I create space for a new approach and support them in restoring their dreams all through my immersive coaching practice. 

My experience leading and coaching people and teams spans fifteen years within the hospitality industry. Opening two restaurants from concept through to fruition was no small feat, but my natural ability to recruit, coach and lead garnered me great success and tremendous respect as a leader. 

An innate seeker, I have travelled extensively. I hitchhiked from Russia to Indonesia as a way to meet and learn from everyday people and just a few years later I found myself doing the same, except this time, I drove from Canada to Costa Rica and lived out of my 1994 Ford Bronco.


Through all of my nomadic pursuits, I have held space for life’s bigger questions and continually searched for meaning. My spiritual endeavours include meditation (Vipassana in particular), breathwork, and many Eastern philosophies and spiritual teachings. I am largely informed by the work of Stephen Cope, George Lenard, Ram Dass and Friedrich Nietzsche. 

After settling down in BC, I expanded my career into Human Resources and blended my professional and personal experiences and pursuits into a powerful Coaching practice. I work with hospitality businesses and private clients. 

My life has been filled with ups and downs, spontaneity, diverse and rich experiences and one thing has always remained: my focus has always been on improving the lives of those I am guiding. 

To learn a few fun facts about me, and how to connect, scroll down. I hope to meet you soon!

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