Hospitality Consulting

Whether you are an existing business or just launching, I’m here to support you in building a community of regulars, a kick-ass team, growing profits and becoming a wildly successful establishment. Not to mention your “back-end”, we’ll make sure that industry best practices are in place - your systems and procedures, your technology, ordering and inventory tracking and so much more. Efficiency behind-the-scenes equals seamless execution in front of your key stakeholders - your customers!

Why me?

My hospitality experience spans fifteen years across industry hotspots such as London, Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Whistler. I started at the bottom as a dishwasher and quickly worked my way through nearly every role in both back and front of house. It wasn’t long before I was managing London’s busy nightclubs. Since then, I’ve held the role of general manager at 10 restaurants and bars, including two of which I opened.

Opening restaurants from concept through to fruition is no small feat (I know what it takes), but my natural ability to balance multiple tasks simultaneously across all aspects of a multi-faceted business and still hold a line of sight on the bigger vision garnered me (and more importantly, the restaurants) great success and tremendous respect.   

Existing Businesses - let’s streamline and grow profits! 

  • Menu audit and refresh (including bar)
  • Systems and procedures - what’s working, what isn’t working? (i.e. POS, cash procedures, opening/closing, rostering, etc.)
  • Staff audit and refresh, followed by recruitment, hiring and training for both FOH and BOH teams (including management)
  • On-going coaching for management
  • Stock, ordering, inventory, par levels 

New Businesses - let’s launch!

In this scenario, you come to me with your concept (and the investment). It’s likely you have a location picked out, and construction is underway.

I’m here to support you with what comes next.

  • Menu development (including bar)
  • Systems and procedures (i.e. POS, cash procedures, opening/closing, rostering, etc.)
  • Recruitment, hiring and training for both FOH and BOH teams (including management)
  • On-going coaching for management
  • Launch - restaurant opening   


Note that all of my Hospitality Consulting packages are custom created for you, based on the needs of your business. Whether you are interested in hiring me for one, or all of my services, I’m here for you. Let’s build a plan together.  

Expanding the team

While I do not offer direct consultation for construction and interior design, I am happy to collaborate with other consultants/contractors and advise. Leveraging my expertise in restaurant operations and general flow, has been integral to the success of the restaurant during day-to-day operations.

In addition, I do not offer consulting for Marketing, Communications or Public Relations. However, I do have a network of contacts that I work with regularly for these specific purposes and would be happy to involve them in our conversation should you wish to include those items in your package.

Let’s connect!

I welcome business of all sizes and have worked with small “mom and pop” operations to restaurants turning 500 covers a day with an annual revenue of $1.5M. I’ll meet you exactly where you are in your business and dive right in to tackle the challenges before you. 

I offer a smaller, more intimate approach to hospitality consulting versus what’d you’d typically receive from large firms. I enjoy working directly with you, the business owner, who has invested time, energy and money into bringing a vision to life.

Ready to get started? Email me, text me, or better yet, call me. 

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